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Countrywide Solar Ltd - specialised installers of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel Systems.

Offering installation, maintenance and repairs of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for schools, businesses and the private sector.
Working closely with commercial developers and other organisations to install Solar Panel Systems into new and existing buildings.

What are the benefits of a Solar Photovoltaic System?

Cut down on electricity bills by producing your own electricity
Sell electricity back to the National Grid
Photovoltaic Systems are reliable and require little maintenance
A sustainable source of energy reducing the burning of fossil fuels
No harmful gases contributing to global warming

Install Countrywide Solar
Countrywide Solar provide a comprehensive service installing photovoltaic systems into businesses, schools and the public sector. We also work with commercial developers and other organisations to install photovoltaic systems into new and existing buildings.

Maintain Countrywide Solar
Once installed, Photovoltaic Systems are virtually maintenance free, however after time PV modules can become dirty reducing the expected maximum output. To keep your investment in top shape, we also provide an aftercare service for maintenance and cleaning.

Repair Countrywide Solar
Repairs to PV systems are infrequent. Most of our repair work arises from the fault of animals or incorrectly installed systems by incompetent PV installers. Squirrels gnawing through wires or birds nesting, usually turn out to be the main culprits. Our repair service can deal with that.

Photovoltaic (PV) is a marriage of two words: “photo”, meaning light, and “voltaic” meaning electricity. Photovoltaic technologies are used to convert solar energy (light) into electricity.

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